Monday, September 3, 2018

windows top 10 shortcut key combination " save your time " let's go

What's up guys ? .....
today i am telling you top windows shortcut key , if we use this key then definitely  speed up our work  and save our important time.

its 2nd time you can read also our first post

every one have time must be inpotant so save it with me using this key combination mostly noted  " some key combo work different in different windows "

1        windows + K             open device portal   (windows 10)

2           windows + L               Lock quickly your desktop

3         windows + M         minimise all windows quickly

4          windows + shift + M    restore last minimise window

5          windows + O  lock your device if you use in tablet giroscop turn off                                                                                                                   (  windows 10 )

6           windows + P  switch operation mode to control display in projector etc

7           windows + Q   surch all install app in your computer (windows 8 and newer)

8          windows + R             open run dilear

9          windows + T         show task bar ( windows  7 and newer)

10        windows + U       open Utility manager

11       windows + X          open windows mobile sations (only mobile computer)

12             windows + Y          open yaahoo masenger if you install

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